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Ashton Donoway

Certified Mindfulness Instructor

CEO | Anchored Enterprise, LLC

Founder & Executive Director | Mindfully Anchored, Inc.

International Student Coordinator | Global Friendships, Inc.

International Student Coordinator | STS Foundation

As a mother of four and CEO, Ashton has felt the impact of mindfulness in both her personal and professional lives. She is energetic and passionate about the opportunity to work in the community and share what she has learned.

Ashton specializes in providing services to schools and organizations serving youth. Please contact her directly at to arrange a meeting!


Thurman Donoway

Thurman has had the opportunity to see mindfulness change lives! He has a solid foundation in the business world after working for Pohanka of Salisbury for over 18 years. Thurman has assisted with the business since its origination, and will move forward with a more present role, spreading the benefits of corporate mindfulness and mindfulness in athletics.

Thurman specializes in providing services to corporate organizations and youth athletics. He is working towards a mindfulness certification, and will provide conferences, workshops, and one-on-one services to professionals and athletes seeking to increase their personal happiness and thus, their success. Please contact him directly at to arrange a meeting!

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Tammy Adams

Tammy is a formally trained teacher coach and mindfulness instructor. She focuses on youth and educators in our community. She has a background of private mindfulness instruction, as well as professional development workshops for educators.

Tammy specializes in providing services to youth and educators, both corporately and privately. Please contact her directly at to arrange a meeting!